Hiring people isn't easy, and the more important the job, the bigger the risk.

I can help you reduce that risk by providing a rigorous and systematic assessment that meets your needs.

Assessment Centres

Development Centres

Assessment Centres


I  work closely with each client to design and deliver an Assessment Centre that  helps them to choose the right person.  

Typically lasting between 3 and 8 hours, the AC is likely to include some of the following depending on your needs  

  • a competency based interview,
  • personality profiling, 
  • a case-study
  • a role play exercise,
  • IQ/ reasoning test
  • Values and motivations
  • Emotional intelligence assessment

Why Me?

Development Centres

Assessment Centres



Over 25 years of designing and delivering Assessment Centres across a range of organisations

Dedicated service

I will see the project through from start to finish. Nothing will be passed to junior staff.


I do not have the overheads of larger  consultancies


Assessments can take place face to face, but increasingly I am doing them on line. This saves time and money, and is often easier for the candidate.

Development Centres

Development Centres

Development Centres


Development Centres are very similar to Assessment Centres but the focus is much more on the individual concerned

If you have someone with high potential, I can help you and them to :

a) assess their strengths so that they can make the most of them

b) identify development areas so that they can become more rounded leaders

c) help them to increase their self-awareness

d) work with them/you to put together a development plan